FACTS Mission

Higher Education Standards and Business Practices

The Florida Association of Cosmetology and Technical Schools (FACTS) works towards fostering and advancing the best interests of cosmetology and technical schools, their teachers, students and graduates by encouraging higher educational standards and business practices on the part of this profession.

High Level of Professional Proficiency

FACTS recommends, institutes and maintains the highest possible level of cooperation with the State Education Department and all other segments of the profession so as to maintain the highest level of professional proficiency of students enrolled in schools and programs for the training of future members of the profession.

Exchange of Information

Peer-to-Peer support. FACTS members exchanges technical and commercial information vital to our industry.

Cooperation and Uniformity of Action

FACTS aims to secure cooperation and uniformity of action in all matters affecting the interest of or pertaining to the betterment and improvement of schools, their teachers, students and graduates and others engaged in the practice of appearance enhancement.