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Meeting continuing education requirements for your school just got a little bit easier.

Adapting to a game-changing regulatory environment, improving retention strategies, increasing graduate employment rates, and re-thinking admissions processes continue to be top challenges in the career education sector. Each of these challenges must be overcome by your staff.

Every organization has critical employee development needs. What are your organization's top priorities to address? Whatever they are, you have over 100 employee training courses ready to be delivered via MaxKnowledge's Online Training Center.

All MaxKnowledge courses provide 4 hours of continuing education for successful completion of each online course, in addition to addressing the critical development needs of your employees and improving institutional effectiveness.

Some courses required by the Commission For Independent Education and accreditation agencies are included. Now meeting requirements for your school just got a little bit easier.

Click here to access 100+ asynchronous online courses that are available 24/7, offering a certificate of completion and 4 hours of continuing education credit upon completion of each online course.

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